IN 2020?

We’ve all heard the buzz words, “personal brand” going around the internet for the last few years. After all, there’s a personal brand strategy, personal brand synergy, personal brand web development, personal brand organic marketing, personal brand paid marketing, etc.

Here are some reasons why you should consider building your personal brand in 2020:

1. Become the go-to expert and authority in your industry.

When you start to take your personal brand more seriously, so do other people. When you hone in on your message, the way that your brand of yours online, Honen on ideal clients, truly understand your ideal clients’ dreams, failures, spheres and objections, create solid products that solve their problems, and complete what you promised to do for them, it’s so much easier to scale. When you are viewed as an expert authority in your industry, you can become highly paid because people pay for specialized services. Would you go to a cardiologist if you broke your ankle?

2. To sell your knowledge and expertise.

Do you have knowledge and expertise the other people would pay you to learn? Do you have a system that you follow that you could take your client through that they would pay to shorten their learning curve?

3. Become a best-selling author.

Have you dreamed of writing a book? By becoming an author, a best-selling author, New York Times best-selling author, and national best-selling author, your credibility, authority and trust go up with your audience. Writing a book helps you to become the resident expert for your topic and Mitch.

4. Speak on stages and get paid for it.

There are blank page speaking gigs per year (insert stat here). People pay to have experts come and speak at their events all the time. By establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, you can get booked and paid for your expertise or giving a 60-minute presentation.

5. Launch a podcast.

This is a good way to nurture your audience via audio. Podcasts have become more popular and also provide an intimate experience with your audience since you were the only distraction in their ears. You could do solo episodes, interview other experts. When you interview other experts or influencers in your space, you develop authority and trust within your industry just by association.

6. Be featured in top publications like on Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, etc.

When you are featured in the press and media, it acts as social proof because people are taking an interest in you. When people take an interest in you, social day. Also, when other authorities, experts and influencers are featured in these publications also, it helps to boost your authority, think of Winnie nicer houses built on the block, it increases the value of your house.

7. Make money while traveling or living anywhere.

By being an online entrepreneur and building any online digital Personal Brand, you could literally work from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. You could work in Bali, France, Mexico, etc. You could also hire a virtual team that will assist you in day-to-day operations, automation and systems to streamline your business.

8. Launch a digital product or course.

Developing a course around your signature method or other systems you use can greatly increase your income while decreasing the amount of time you have to spend on a one-on-one basis with clients.

9. Host events, workshops and masterminds.

While hosting events can be a lot of work, the payoff comes in the amount of lives that can be impacted in life and in-person setting. By hosting your events, not only can you make money, but you can do a deep dive with clients who attend the events.

10. Charge premium prices for your services.

This has been a game-changer in my business. By ensuring that my personal brand is nicely designed, the messaging is on point and; I am able to charge more.

11. Make an impact.

Most people I have come across want to make an impact for the betterment of humanity. We all want to change lives and help people overcome whatever they are going through. Building a Personal Brand and creating that authority presence online can help you spread your message and impact millions.