For entrepreneurs, building a brand has never been more important than it is today. Anyone who has access to the internet has the ability to showcase themselves and start attracting their ideal clients. With the help of these expert Personal Branding Photography tips, you will soon be on your way to building your Personal Brand Empire!

A lot of people ask, “Caloni, how do I get my audience to take my personal brand seriously? I’m tired of not making enough $ and I know that my personal brand needs a makeover.”⁣

I get ittttt boo. I get questions like this all the time so I decided to start creating some tips for y’all!⁣

One way to significantly improve how your brand is perceived online is to use high-quality, professional imagery on all of your digital assets including your website, social media cover images, press & media kits, book covers, etc.

You’re probably thinking, “But… I’ve heard this 50 million times already. Are you sure?”⁣

Yes, I’m 100% sure. Photoshoots are a must for any personal brands that we work with. You’d be surprised at what a couple of photoshoots can do for your personal brand.⁣

Below are 3 types of images you can implement this week to improve your overall brand appearance!


Indoor studio, indoor setting (e.g., hotel lobby, etc) or outdoor while looking directly at camera.

There are different types of portraits. Some can be taken in front of a green, blue, white or black screen. Others can be taken indoors or outdoors. The whole premise of a portrait is that the subject (you!) are looking at the camera.

These images tend to be more authoritative and are great for all brand assets including the header image on your website. Studio images are often less pixelated than non-studio (indoor or outdoor) shots, which makes this type of image a great option for personal brand assets.

The example image here was taken in front of a white screen and then the designer removed all of the white behind my body and then we saved it as a PNG so that the background is transparent. 

BTS: In studio working with one of our studio photographers.


 The top 1/2 or 3/4 of body is preferred since it allows for cropping. Also ensure that the sides of body are not cropped.

These are some of my favorite types of photos and we use them a lot with clients. Find a good photographer and I promise that you’ll love using these images. 


Indoor or outdoor while working with a prop or in action (e.g., walking, typing, drinking, writing, etc).

I love lifestyle images. These show more of your personality and help potential clients get to know you better. Most experts – that is, consultants, coaches, authors, speakers, etc – will use props such as laptops, notepads, pens, purses, backpacks, water bottles and coffee mugs as props. Other props include flowers, essential oils, baked goods (such as cookies), etc. Your prop choice really depends on your industry. 

⁣I also love taking pictures while in action. These also tend to perform better than portraits on social media. 

Here are two example shots of me with props:


These images are great for personal brand websites, social media content and a majority of other brand assets.


In an office space and dressed for the job while working with a prop or in action (e.g., working on a computer, writing on a whiteboard, etc).

I also love what my team calls “styled business” photoshoots. Again, for experts or people who sell their knowledge, these help to show what a “day in the work life” looks like. Although you might be working most of the day in your yoga pants (or, let’s face it… yoga pants on top and a dress shirt on top while on Zoom calls), potential clients don’t want to picture you working like that. They want to hire someone who is professional to work with. Styled business photos do exactly that. They paint a picture in your potential client’s head of what it could look like to work with you. 
These images are great for all brand assets including websites, social media content, PDFs, webinar cover images, etc as they paint a bigger picture of what your professional or “work life” may look like. Potential clients like to know what it would look like to work with you even though you may only work virtually. (Most clients don’t want to see you on the couch in your PJs.)

Here are two example shots of me for this category. 


If you don't have access to an office, you can rent one! Yes, you read that right. You can use websites such as peerspace.com to see if there are office rentals near you.


Schedule a photoshoot… or two… or three! No joke… You’ll probably need at least 2 good photoshoots to capture enough imagery for your brand – given that you don’t yet have any high-quality personal brand imagery to use. Is investing a few hundred dollars on photos that you’ll probably use for the next year worth it to you?⁣ How about getting new clients, brand sponsorships, speaking gigs, etc.? Now, would it be worth it?⁣

My fave personal brand photographer is Amanda. She’s located in San Diego. You can always make a trip to San Diego for a day of shooting with her and then make the rest of the trip a vacay!