See how Caloni and her team built an authority online presence for Ceally.



As a plant medicine mentor, consultant and educator, Ceally struggled with creating a consistent, authority personal brand that reflected all of her entrepreneurial accomplishments. Being a national speaker, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, event host and internationally recognized authority in the plant medicine industry, Ceally needed a personal brand that attracted more opportunities. 


Ceally first came to Caloni knowing that she needed to build an expert personal brand online and have a streamlined roadmap to do so. After a series of instrumental questions to understand the root of what was keeping Ceally from developing the global brand she desired, Caloni uncovered that the very foundation of Ceally’s brand lacked clarity, solid messaging, unique positioning and an authority online presence. 


Like most of Caloni’s clients, Ceally was overwhelmed with where to start; how to find her unique voice; how to truly understand her customers’ deepest desires, fears, failures and objections; how to build a solid brand message; and how to develop a brand that she was proud of.


With Ceally’s impact-driven goals of expanding her consulting practice, Caloni and her team’s strategy was to:

  • Build a world-class, omnipresent personal brand for Ceally that she’s proud to promote.
  • Give Ceally the strategy, clarity and confidence needed to move forward.  
  • Position Ceally as the trusted authority and thought leader in her industry so she could stand out from competitors in her industry, attract opportunities, be invited to speak on more stages and attract more press and media attention. 
  • Develop an overall framework for Ceally’s consulting and coaching methodologies to make it easy for her ideal clients to understand Ceally’s core process for client results. 
  • Build a strong online and LinkedIn presence. 
  • Prepare Ceally’s brand for hosting life-changing events for hundreds of clients. 


To develop the authority personal brand that Ceally desired, Caloni and her team used her signature Authority Personal Brand System where they:

  • Started with a thorough omnipresence personal brand audit.
  • Outlined a comprehensive, strategic process to meet Ceally’s goals and differentiate him from competitors. 
  • Determined all brand assets necessary to cover all touchpoints Mike has with ideal clients.
  • Crafted Ceally’s unique voice and a meaningful brand identity that would best connect with ideal clients.
  • Strategized professional portrait and lifestyle photoshoots.
  • Designed and optimized her LinkedIn profile to ensure a consistent online presence.
  • Professionally designed and developed a one-of-a-kind, mobile responsive website to showcase all of Ceally’s accomplishments and the breadth of her brand.
  • Professionally wrote an authority-building story and featured Ceally in 400+ press publications including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and CW to earn more credibility for her brand.


  • Personal Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity System
  • Logo Design
  • Branded Photoshoot Strategy
  • Service Development Strategy
  • Social Media Identity System
  • Website Design & Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Social Media Content
  • Copywriting
  • Featured in ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW and 200+ Other Publications


Since the launch of Ceally’s personal brand, she has experienced these results: 

  • She has secured $1.2 million in assets deals. 
  • She has a world-class, authority, omnipresent personal brand that she’s proud to promote.
  • All of her social media platforms are branded and her online presence has improved drastically. 
  • Her LinkedIn presence is optimized and has improved drastically. 
  • She has the strategy, clarity and confidence needed to make a bigger impact.  
  • She has generated international brand awareness. 
  • Her unique positioning has been noticed by authorities in her field leading to more opportunities and speaking engagements. 
  • She has captured major attention in her industry.