Mike Hazle and preview of new personal brand



See how Caloni and her team built an authority online presence for Mike.

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After living what most would call “The American Dream” full of lights and glamour, Mike was left feeling empty inside. As an Olympian, National Champion and retired U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Combat Controller turned High-performance Consultant, Mike had already accomplished more than most people. He knew deep down that he was meant for more and wanted to make a huge impact in the world. 

Prior to working with Caloni, Mike had already consulted for the Major League Baseball team – Atlanta Braves, spoken at the San Diego Qualcomm Stadium for the Cal State Games, and had been featured in or seen on The New York Times, Team USA, ESPN and World Athletics. 

In building a thriving consulting practice where clients would pay premium prices and being paid to speak on more stages, Mike knew that he needed to create a consistent, authoritative personal brand online so he was taken more seriously in the industry. 

After a comprehensive personal brand audit of Mike’s brand, Caloni was able to easily identify the exact strategy needed to drastically improve Mike’s online presence and make him more marketable. 


With Mike’s impact-driven goals of expanding his consulting practice, Caloni and her team’s strategy was to:

  • Build a world-class, omnipresent personal brand for Mike that he was proud to promote.
  • Give Mike the strategy, clarity and confidence needed to move forward.
  • Position Mike as the trusted authority and thought leader in his industry so he could stand out from other consultants in his industry, attract opportunities, be invited to speak on more stages and attract more press and media attention.
  • Develop an overall framework for Mike’s consulting methodologies to make it easy for his ideal clients to understand Mike’s core process for client results.
  • Build a strong online and LinkedIn presence.
  • Prepare Mike’s brand for publishing a book and hosting life-changing events for hundreds of clients.
Behind the scenes photoshoot with Mike Hazle
Preview of new personal brand of Mike Hazle


To develop the authority personal brand that Mike desired, Caloni and her team used her signature Authority Personal Brand System where they:

  • Started with a thorough omnipresence personal brand audit.
  • Outlined a comprehensive, strategic process to meet Mike’s goals and differentiate him from competitors.
  • Determined all brand assets necessary to cover all touchpoints Mike has with ideal clients.
  • Crafted Mike’s unique voice and a meaningful brand identity that would best connect with ideal clients.
  • Strategized and shot a professional lifestyle photoshoot.
  • Designed and optimized his LinkedIn profile to ensure a consistent online presence.
  • Professionally designed and developed a one-of-a-kind, mobile responsive website to showcase all of Mike’s accomplishments and the breadth of his brand.
  • Professionally wrote an authority-building story and featured Mike in 400+ press publications including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and CW to earn more credibility for his brand.


  • Personal Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity System
  • Logo Design
  • Branded Photoshoots
  • Book Cover Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Featured in ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW and 200+ Other Publications
Preview of new personal brand of Mike Hazle
Mike Hazle on luxury yacht


Since the launch of Mike’s personal brand, he has experienced these results:

  • He has a world-class, authority, omnipresent personal brand that he’s proud to promote.
  • His LinkedIn presence is optimized and has improved drastically.
  • He has the strategy, clarity and confidence needed to make a bigger impact.
  • He has generated national brand awareness.
  • His unique positioning has been noticed by authorities in his field leading to more opportunities and speaking engagements.
  • He has captured major attention in his industry.