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Caloni’s private coaching is a 60-day virtual program designed to give you the mentorship you need to build and transform your personal brand. Over the course of the last couple of years, Caloni has helped countless clients completely transform their personal brands and take massive action on their biggest dreams. If you want big results, you’ve come to the right place.

This coaching helps clients…

  • Be seen as the go-to expert & authority in your industry.
  • Stop struggling to charge what you’re really worth.
  • Showcase an online personal brand you’re no longer embarrassed by.
  • Have a consistent look and social media profiles that clearly articulate what you do, who you serve and what transformation you provide.
  • Have a personal brand that everyone wants.
  • Attract dream customers and clients.
  • Develop monetization strategies for products/services.
  • Develop new products/services.
  • Hire virtual assistants – where to go, how to hire and what tasks to assign.
  • Revamp current product/services to maximize profit.
  • etc.
  • Are monetizing your personal brand.
  • Have a general idea of a direction for your personal brand.
  • Want guidance from an industry expert on how to build your personal brand.
  • Want to bring brand awareness to your company.
  • Currently are or want to be a public speaker or an author.
  • Have a vision and focus for your personal brand, but you aren’t clear how to communicate it online or take it to the next level.
  • Want the quality of your brand to reflect the quality of business you provide.
  • Want a brand that effectively speaks to your ideal clients.
  • Want to build your authority on social media.
  • Are embarrassed by your social media presence.
  • Are tired of searching the internet on how to build your personal brand.
  • Want to attract higher-quality clients & opportunities.
  • Need help implementing systems.
  • Are ready to invest in building a unique personal brand.
  • Are not coachable.
  • Don’t care about your personal brand.
  • Don’t have a long-term vision/plan for your brand.
  • Don’t value how you show up on social media.
  • Don’t take action on my mentorship.
  • Are unable to virtually meet.
  • Want 1:1 calls every day.
  • Are unwilling to put in the work to build your personal brand.
  • Still want to play small.
  • Don’t want to establish your credibility & thought leadership in your industry.

Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions

60 days of coaching

Access to Caloni during these 60 days via message and email

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Caloni only works with people who she truly believes can benefit from her coaching. These individuals must be driven, coachable and ready to make big changes in their personal brands and lives. If you would like to be coached by Caloni, complete the application below.



Melitsa Waage

International Speaker, Author, Founder of Detoxify Your Life

Amanda Clifford

Anxiety & Depression Coach, Founder of Rise As We