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Caloni Michelle

Caloni is an internationally recognized authority in digital marketing and global branding. She is an international speaker and trainer, event host and global marketing and brand consultant. She has been interviewed on top podcasts with 50 million downloads and has been featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and 400+ other publications.


With 17 years of experience in digital marketing, Caloni has built noteworthy international brands and multi-channel marketing strategies for multi-million-dollar brands that have delivered revenue growth up to 400% and audience growth up to 1000%. As a dynamic leader of cross-functional teams, she has built top-performing international marketing teams in 5 countries.


She is the founder and CMO of Brandstrom, a personal brand agency helping founders, CEOs, consultants and thought leaders build and market their personal brands online. She’s also the on-air personality and CMO of an emerging real estate platform. She has worked with the U.S. federal government and received national recognition as a recipient of the U.S. Senate Award of Excellence and the Bank of America Social Achievement Award.


In addition to a dynamic background in marketing, branding, business development and operations, she obtained a MBA degree from Penn State. As part of her ongoing commitment to growth, she has personally spent over $250,000 on professional and personal development.


How much longer can you afford to NOT step up and finally go from a nobody to the #1 LEADER in your industry?



Personal Brand Strategy & Positioning

Most entrepreneurs stay stuck for years due to lack of clarity. Through a comprehensive, strategic process, Caloni helps personal brands clarify what they do, how they do it, find their unique voice, determine what they should be known for, truly understand customers and determine the steps necessary to achieve a world-class personal brand... And make an income and impact while doing it.

Personal Brand Design & Development

You have 6 seconds to capture your ideal client’s attention and we need to make a good impression! Building consistent and comprehensive world-class personal brands that attract ideal clients and lead to more sales is at the core of what Caloni does. She ensures all online touchpoints with your ideal clients have unique and consistent branding that is infused with your personality so that you become the go-to expert.


Social media has become a necessity for all personal brands to build relationships with their ideals clients and audiences. All personal brands should leverage the power of digital growth on social media to expand their reach and impact lives. Caloni’s team helps save time by strategically building a personal brand on social media, creating a content creation plan, and repurposing content to reach the masses.


Press and media features, podcast interviews and other forms of PR all build social proof and credibility in an industry. Caloni’s team crafts and develops press and media assets that can be used when pitching publications, outlets and podcasts. Her team also features entrepreneurs in press articles in 300+ publications to help entrepreneurs to become an authority in their industry. 




Have you hit a roadblock in developing or growing your personal brand because you need clarity in what you do and how you do it? Maybe you need help finding your unique voice, understanding your clients and determining how to best serve those clients.

Are people not buying from you because they don’t understand that you have a solution to their problem? Are you ready to build a personal brand that allows you to charge what you’re really worth so you can make more money?



You’re in the right place! Caloni helps entrepreneurs just like you…

Caloni Michelle preview of platinum personal branding package

By the end of working with Caloni, you’ll:

  • Know who your ideal clients are and how to best serve them. 
  • Have a consistently branded online presence that attracts ideal clients and opportunities. 
  • Have a mobile responsive website and branded social media profiles. 
  • Have a new world-class brand identity and logo.
  • Have a solid understanding of the products & services you should offer to best serve your audience.
  • Have new, high-quality imagery that can be used on all touchpoints with your audience.
  • Be featured in ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW and 300+ other publications.
  • Have a brand positioned as an expert and authority in your industry.